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Zahra’ Langhi

Zahra’ Langhi is a gender specialist, civil society strategist, political activist advocating for peace, human rights and women’s leadership, scholar, and researcher in the field of Middle Eastern history, metaphysics, mysticism, and female spirituality in comparative religions.

Ms. Langhi is the cofounder of Libyan Women’s Platform for Peace (LWPP), a pressure group/movement advocating for women’s socio-political empowerment and peace-building. In conjunction with Karama and the UN Women, she coordinated the Libyan Women’s Political Empowerment (LWPE) program, aimed at empowering women in Libya to become active participants and leaders of political, economic, and social reforms, and to ensure that gender equality and women’s rights are fully integrated in democratic transition, including in governance processes, legislation, and policies. Ms. Langhi led LWPP’s initiative of lobbying for the introduction of the zipper list (alternation of males and females in political parties) in the election law, which has secured 17.5 of the seats in the National Congress.

Ms. Langhi co-produced and presented a TV program on the elections of the National Congress and the democratic transition in Libya.

In 2005, she earned her MA degree from the Arabic Studies Department, specializing in Middle Eastern History, of the American University in Cairo, having written a thesis on Sitt ‘Ajam’s A Muslim Woman Gnostic of the Middle Ages (forthcoming with Fons Vitae).

5 Responses to Zahra’ Langhi

  1. Lateefat Junaid says:

    Thank you very much Zahra. May Allah bless all your efforts. Your talk was very moving and beautiful. I pray that may Almighty Allah make you live long to see a better Libya that you are working so hard to achieve amin. Warafanahu ma kana aliyah.

  2. mohammad sadegh says:

    Your lecture was beyond beauty. It was well-prepared. The effective words and structures lend much effect to your presentation. Thank you very much.

  3. Mona Yasin says:

    Dear Zahra, wishing you successful endeavors !
    Would you let us know where we can get more information on the present agenda for women’s role in New Libya ?
    with all best wishes

    Mona Yasin

  4. James Gallagher says:

    The peoples need be enrolled in the new vision. A long vision of abundance.. love, wisdom, success. Fear cannot be conquered amidst scarcity. The vision and plan for abundance must be clearly articulated and as you state “inclusive.” Unity is the required focus. Any focus on division or duality thinking is doomed to fail..
    Bless you and your efforts.