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Shree Bose

For Shree, there is no end to learning. As a kid playing in sprinklers, each droplet of water held a fascination for her and every bug she ran shrieking away from had a story. She has been participating in science fairs since her first project—she turned spinach blue—to her recent project on drug resistance in ovarian cancer. Shree’s scientific journey is about more than gaining knowledge, it’s about holding onto awe and a sense of wonder in her approach to problems. This awe led to her interest in biology and the study of life, and to her involvement in cancer research at age 15. She believes that it will be the same awe that will help her to achieve her dreams of becoming a medical researcher and physician.

Her supervised research for her award-winning project involved the study of a particular protein, AMP kinase, of interest in cancer cells. Through tests on inhibiting this protein’s activity, her research determined its extreme importance in the development of chemotherapy resistance. She proposed a new way to treat resistant patients when they no longer respond to the chemotherapy drug. For the over 240,000 patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer, this research will reduce the recurrence rates in patients treated with particular chemotherapy drugs.

Shree was recently honored as the Grand Prize winner of the Google Global Science Fair, and has showcased her research to President Obama, NIH directors, and as a speaker at the Google Zeitgeist Conference in Phoenix. She is a recipient of the GDIAAC Youth Achievement Award given by the Indian Minister of Commerce and was named one of Glamour Magazine’s 21 Amazing Women of the Year in 2011.

2 Responses to Shree Bose

  1. Hi Shree,

    At the outset, my congratulations! I am a Professor of Math and also interested in issues related to women in science and technology. I have been requested to write an article for a special issue to be brought out after a conference in one of the all-women engineering colleges in Rajasthan India (WISE 2013). I am planning to write about some of the younger women who have witnessed first hand the joy of Science and would thus like to write about you. Can you share your views/answers on the following questions?

    i) When did you start to be fascinated by Science?

    ii) Were you conscious of your gender in science?

    iii) Your future plans?

    iv) You are obviously of Indian background. Have you been to India? Your impressions?

    v) Family , school and societal impulses that propelled you towards Science?

    thanks very much in advance


  2. Jeremy Dixon says:

    Hi Shree,

    Having just seen your recent TED talk I just wanted to congratulate you on your research and on being the grand prize winner.

    Best of all is that you have found something so important in life which brings you so much joy & excitement, what a great role model you are for people everywhere.

    I wish you all the best in the future, I hope science brings you much more happiness and success.