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Lynne Hurdle-Price

Lynne Hurdle-Price, a native Bronxite, was born to entertain. At an early age she discovered a love for dancing, singing, acting, and writing. In her role as educational consultant for Hurdle-Price Professionals she incorporates the performing arts into her work. As a trainer, facilitator, and speaker, she is passionate about conflict resolution, communication skills, and creating honest dialogue on diversity. As a wife and mother she loves bringing this work to families. Her workshop series Choose Greatness teaches teenagers to face fear and achieve their best, no excuses.

Committed to using all of her talents, she formed Nomada What Productions Inc., a company providing entertainment, which teaches that we all have a purpose and inspires us to find it and live it Nomada What. As a finalist for Nick at Nite’s Funniest Mom in America Contest she wrote her own material. As a woman whose life has been affected by society’s obsession with weight, she felt compelled to write her first stage play, The Convention, the story of eight diverse women who attend a plus-sized women’s convention to learn to love themselves. She is determined to bring it to the stage.

You can reach Lynne on Facebook at NomadaWhat Productions or by email at nomadawhat.com@aol.com.

5 Responses to Lynne Hurdle-Price

  1. sandra Whinnem says:

    I found your speech very inspiring. What a wonderful message. Thank you so much for sharing this. Beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes.

  2. Bennett Baker says:


    Bravo!!!! You are truly an exceptional person who has so much to give. I am definitely blessed to have gotten know the full measure of your love and friendship. I am glad we are family!!!!!!

    • Lynne hurdle-price says:

      Hey Ben Baker

      Thanks for taking the time to check this out. We have been family since the day we met and that is never going to change. Much love

  3. Mark Weiss says:

    Wow! I was blown away by your loving power! I’m so thrilled that I could see you there. What a tour de force! The sky’s the limit!

    Question: where does this go from here?