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Jill Iscol

IF Hummingbird Foundation, President

Educator and activist, Jill Iscol, EdD, is President of the IF Hummingbird Foundation, a family foundation established in 1989 to support domestic and international efforts to strengthen democracy and reduce the social, economic, and educational inequalities that threaten it.  For the past two decades Jill has supported and participated in numerous organizations and has developed an expertise in identifying visionary leaders and programs at early stages of their development.  She fosters their advancement by providing seed capital and guidance enabling them to become stable, sustainable and successful organizations, impacting lives around the globe.

As a Democratic Party activist, Jill served as Co-Chair for Hillary Rodham Clinton for Senate’s New York Finance Committee and as National Vice-Chair of Hillary Rodham Clinton for President’s 2008 Finance Committee.

In addition, Jill serves as a Trustee of Horizons National, on the Advisory Board of the Center for New American Security inWashington, as a member of the New York State Commission on National and Community Service and was most recently appointed to the US-Afghan Women’s Council.

Jill’s first book, Hearts on Fire: Twelve Stories of Today’s Visionaries Igniting Idealism into Action, was released on November 8th, 2011.


21 Responses to Jill Iscol

  1. Ronald Levi says:

    The UK has two branches of government. The House of Commons and the House of Lobbyists. If there is fairness in the UK it must be hiding under a rock.

    Why does the self-interest of the UK have to be enforced by the US? Are they too lazy or maybe their citizens know they are getting a bad deal for their silence and don’t wish to sacrifice.

  2. Ronald Levi says:

    The lobbyist must recognize the fine line between quid pro quo and treason and also qid pro quo and selling out the crusaders for democracy. We know what you did and we know who you are. Your clients will drop you like you drop a dirty shirt when they are confronted with the truth.

  3. ronald levi says:

    We are extremely unhappy with the results achieved in Syria and so with are added capabilities we hope to end Assad’s grip on the country and restore democracy. We are pleased to announce our new naval asset. A used submarine refurbished with fire and forget torpedos and missiles. We now have the option of being nuclear capable but so far have decided to leave that to others because of the risk of accidently causing a nuclear incident. This will allow us to mine harbors and sink various dictatorships’ naval assets. Also, we will be better able to support those organiations and individals striving to promote democracy.

  4. ronald levi says:

    US has a new problem! China is not going to accept script. (promissory notes issued by state and local govenments to pay employees and vendors) These government entities do not have cash to pay bills and cannot have deficits like the federal government. School districts will be impacted the most.

  5. Ronald Levi says:

    We are no longer going to announce our targets. It is not necessary or prudent. Training has been completed. The time for action has arrived.

  6. Ronald Levi says:

    It appears that women journalist need protection. We have begun the process of investigating the death of all journalist with the goal of bringing those who have committed acts of murder by accident or plan to swift and conclusive justice. We are going to use the deposition where there is a viable legal system and where there is none, a system which is adhered to by the authorities.

    People ask if we are active in Syria. We will answer that
    question by actions that leave little doubt.

  7. Ronald Levi says:

    There is nothing in the Islamic religion that says that democracy is not allowed. There is nothing in the Islamic religion that says that equal rights for women is not allowed. When Thwaiba wished to exercise her rights in Syrian she was dismissed. When Malawa wished to exercise her rights in Pakistan she was shot. When Haspa wished to exercise her rights in Syria she shot down a butal regime’s jet aircraft with her ground to air missle.

  8. Ronald Levi says:

    The battle in Syria is like the beginning of the Nazi invasion in Europe. Every group that was fighting against the Nazis was either depicted as a communist or an opportunist. Here we have the same in Syria. You are one or more of these. A radical islamist, an enabler and an opportunist. The syrian government says “there are no partisans or patriots in this battle.” The west bought this argument until now. The west has finally found a group who only wishs to fight for the liberties of the syrians so that they are trained to fight for the liberties of the iranians. We are supplying them with SA-24 ground to air missles and RPG-29 anti-tank weapons. Let us see who else joins in this conflict. It is tme to fish or cut bait.

  9. Ronald Levi says:

    Russia, with Putin, enjoys “living on the edge.” Putin is speaking for the Russian people and they continue to question his sanity. Let me be one of the many who know that he is “nuts” and should be removed. After all, what are you going to lose if he stays in power? Everything!
    All you need to do is look what has happened in mainland China and what is currently happening. Folks, mainland China is on your border!

  10. Ronald Levi says:

    “To be or not to be that is the question.” Is it the right of every woman to be free from tyranny and oppression just as their brothers and fathers have chosen? The answer is a loud YES!
    China and Russia just don’t get the concept of freedom. It is time to supply the “freedom fighters” in Syria with the ground to air missiles and ant-tank missiles and rockets sitting in warehouses.
    Afraid of the Islamists? Don’t be. Their members are tired of the religious fairy tales, oppression and lack of empathy that seems to be a foundation for the Islamists’ past success. They want a change and they want it now!
    We will help them just as we are helping those in Saudia Arabia, Russia and mainland China who cry and beg for democratic reforms.
    Those who are enabling tryanny and oppression should remember that you are next. You still have tine to reconsider your position before time for that action runs out. Don’t delay because everyone in the world is starting to hear the clock ticking.

  11. Ronald Levi says:

    Things are finally on the right track in ending the murder in Syria. Unfortunately, we have also found out that the women in syria will be sold out again. We are not going to let that happen. First, we will be destroying the loud speakers of the islamic calls to pray. Noise pollution causing brain washing is not a good start for promoting freedom for women. The islamists offer no reform movment that would improve the lives of women. Causing women to dress in hot full body garments is simply disrespectful of their wishes and their health.

  12. Ronald Levi says:

    My skype address is ronald.levi2

  13. Ronald Levi says:

    Why do the syrian activists believe the religious leaders are on their side? First the religious leaders fail to offer a reform brand of Islam. They continue to place women in a system that dates back to the “Dark Ages.” Why do they hate women so much? Is it because the present system keeps them relevant? The religious leaders fail to see that without empathy there is no religion. Our surveillance units in Syria have recorded conversations between the religious leaders and the Syrian Government. It is not going to show them as crusaders for freedom but simply another bunch of parasites sucking on the blood of the opressed.
    Why do you think this bloodshed in Syria has not ended. No one wants to get rid of one bunch of tyrants only to have them replaced by another.
    The women in the dogmatic religious countries are treated as property. Syria is currently the most brutal example. Until the religious leaders in Syria denounce the treatment and persecution of women in Syria, they in the end will perish in the flames of revolution.

  14. Ronald Levi says:

    We have added the Iraq and Syrian gangsters to our stolen money hunt and it is amazing where this is taking us. It appears that the same group of banks is representing the crooks of the world. We have had to employ some of the brightest cyber thieves to work for us in recoverying stolen government money. The search has turned up the gangsters of years ago (Haiti, Chile) and the current crop which will have to remain a secret for now.

    If the United Nations would please publish the list of individuals in Syria who they wish to put on trial for crimes against their own citizens that would be helpful. They could even offer a reward. I am sure that there are many who would participate in the apprehension.

    Putin has become a real problem in promoting the tactics the gangsters in Syria are using. Many believe he is suffering from mental illness. He is not even attempting to conceal, withold or deny evidence of his recent or past activities.

    We have been asked to support the freedom fighters in many places and we have not turned down anyone who struggles against those who would deny democracy.

  15. Ronald Levi says:

    The war in syria poses some new challenges. Politics of various governments are dictated by their economic interests in Syria. The main one is oil. Syria exports about $1 billion worth per month. The current interests worry about contractual changes when there is a change of government. Russia has a naval base in Syria. Governments worry about reprisals from Russia should the opposition use Russian heavy weapons in the conflict. Also, there does not seem to be a large flow of non government contributions to the opposition to indicate the international willingness to fight with the resistance. We have tried to move weapons into Syria but have been barred entrance to neighboring countries. Their is no adequate land entry into Syria to bring in heavy weapons. Therefore I am appealing to those who wish to drive this evil from the face of the earth to contibute to the purchase and production of unmanned weaponized drones to allow the free syria resistance to prevail. My bank routing numbers and information is: Ally Bank, 6985 Union Park Center, Midveale, Utah 84047, Ronald Levi Trust, 2126318761 124003116

    We will simply fly the drones in from the sea and join up with the Syrian resistance.

  16. Ronald Levi says:

    Dictatorships are nothing more than making government the “family business.” The way that this business model is perpetuated is by brute force usually through the creation of a military with overwhelming force and a brutal security service. The principal weapon is the tank.

    Our friends in Syria say “give us something to stop that weapon.” We hear you. What weapon can a normal woman use to defend herself against this weapon? We have developed kits that are being supplied through the borders of
    Syria which will solve this problem.

    The first kit consists of 1 SV-98 sniper rifle, 20 kilos of PBX with 20 remote detonators and remote firing mechanisms. The kit includes disguises and Syrian military uniforms to allow you to get close enough to the tanks to be effective. The kit also includes 3 rpg 29 tank killer or equuivalent with 10 rockets to stop tanks in motion.

    The second kit consists of 50 kilos of PBX, with detonators and remote firing mechanisms, Syrian military uniforms and disguises and 5, 12 guage Saiga shotguns with 100 shotgun shell gernades each and 20 ak-47 automatic rifles to break into and out of prisons. 500 rounds of ammunition is included for the rifles and 500 shotgun slug rifle shells for the shotguns. The rest of the ammunition you will take from the military and security forces who you either send home, capture or terminate. The others will join up with you and provide directions to destroy more tanks and artillery and lead you to weapon depots. Those you capture kill or send home will relinguish their uniforms, weapons and identification. These will be needed by the new members you will add to your force to infiltrate the heavily fortified military and civilian headquarters.

    The next kit consists of ground to air missles needed to bring down the Syrian airforce aircraft. They presently are SA-7 Grails. You will find more of these at Syrian weapon depots. There are about 20 of these per kit. If not these weapons most likely there will be the more advanced ground to air missles.

    There should be enough in the weapon depots to outfit a large force. Russia just delivered a large quantity of arms to the Syrian Government.

    All of these weapons have very little recoil and are ideal for a 55 kilo woman. You must be aware that after hostiles end you will, after a thorough investigation, free the “innocent” and punish the “guilty.” You must try to resist making the new government your “family business.”

  17. Ronald Levi says:

    The responses I have received are all of one view. How can I change an unresponsive or/and cruel government? You can’t without help. Blue Print provides untraceable communications equipment so that the government security forces cannot find you and use brutal reprisal methods. You initially will be gathering intelligence concerning how the government, through certain individuals, organizations and methods, stays in power.

    Later, you will join with others in preparing for the redirection of the government and its supporters after international pressures fail to produce results.

  18. Ronald Levi says:

    Many of you, just like me, would have reservations about dealing with the “evil” in a few individuals. I don’t only because I see the misery they cause in building their fortunes. I don’t care if they had an abusive childhood or bad experiences with toilet training. There lack of empathy in furthering there own ends must be confronted. Make no mistake, there is big money in dictatorships, intimidation, slavery, addictive drugs and monopolies both for those individuals in these activities and those individuals and governments who enable them.

  19. Ronald Levi says:

    I need a name and e-mail of a lybian activist to tell me what is actually going on with the womens’ movement in lybia. I am the administrator for BluePrint. BluePrint is a small combat and intelligence operation which operates by donations in central america. We are growing rapidly in central america only because there is no protection for those who wish to speak out against the corruption and gang violence. Since minorities and women are the “canary in the coal mine” the head of the operation, who is a woman, wishes to develope intelligence on what is going on Libya.