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Ivy Navarrete

Ivy Navarrete grew up in the Rampart District of Los Angeles and after years of running the streets, she found herself at Homeboy Industries in search of a second chance. She has been working at Homegirl Café since April 2011 and within months became a lead within the Farmers Market department. She has been clean and sober for eleven months now and has been helping other homegirls through their sobriety.

Ivy has been reunited with her three-year-old son and is working towards getting her own apartment and vehicle. She would like to pursue a career as a legal secretary.


8 Responses to Ivy Navarrete


    HOLA IVY, Soy tu Tía Luz, talvez no me recuerdes vivo en México, deseamos mucho saber de ti, cómo te encuentras?, yo recuerdo mucho a tu mamá, porque fue muy linda conmigo cuando estuve Glendale viviendo con tu tío Miguel, espero algún dia poder verte, si en algo podemos ayudarte, estamos en la siguiente dirección: Calle Miguel Hidalgo 389, Colonia Centro, Sahuayo, Michoacán, C.P. 59000, México. Tel. 01 353 5324922. Dios te bendiga y te proteja donde quiera que te encuentres.

  2. Sandra Navarrete says:

    My dearest Ivy! I can’t believe this is you. So happy that you are doing many great things for yourself and your son. In tears as I’m writing these words, I am soo soo happy to have found you. My sisters and I have always thought of you and never forgotten the times that we spent together when we were little girls. I am sincerely proud of you for turning your life around. I hope to see you soon. Sending you a big hug…

  3. Maricela Navarrete says:

    After years of looking and asking we could never find you. My sisters and I have searched high and low asked around and come to find this. Not knowing what became of you wanting to find you to no avail. We are very proud of you!!!!!!!! Keep on the good job and I hope maybe one day we can see you again.

  4. Dave says:

    Both of you keep up the good work and stay positive! There is always a brighter end!

  5. latisha says:

    Wow! Its so good to see that u have gotten urself on the right path. Im proud of u. You are a funny and loveable strong woman. Its me LALA by the way.=) keep doing the dam thing. Keep in touch and I will keep u in my prayers. I feel so good inside to see u’v come up out of the dangers of the lifestyle. GOD WILL KEEP BLESSING YOU.;-) XOXOXO!!!

  6. Dave says:

    Wow is the word of choice! After watching the clip and realizing that there are similar people out there striving to get their life back together, I find that very inspirational! I indeed come from a background of a drug addicted mom, sister, uncle, aunts, and my list continues! Ever since I was a child all I can remember is drugs and all the sorts of things that comes along with it! Most people think that it is a urban problem….well i hate to say this but its everywhere….i lived in the middle of no where in the deep country and drugs can find its way to anywhere. So I had a long journey to begin my healing from the inside out and it almost did kill me, when I did manage to leave the hospital it was my road to redemption and my leap of faith to bounce back and become a stronger person! I had to believe in myself very deeply to improve things with myself….biggest things was learning to forgive! So in a way I can totally understand how and where your coming from but my question is who is your biggest supporter? Do you surround yourself with positive people who has the same goals as you? Anytime you need some inspiration to proceed to the next level….just ask me! I find comfort in dealing with people who can relate to me!

    • ivy rosse navarrete says:

      dave, yes i do surround myself with people that are very supportive and try stay away from the people that will bring negativity to my life. i just feel like at this point in my life ita all about livung the life that i always wished i had since i was a little girl. And giving my son alot love.

      • Dave says:

        Awesome! Im so glad to hear that! Once you hit bottom there is no other way but up and you are surely on your way to success!