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iO Tillett Wright

iO Tillett Wright is an artist whose work focuses on the leading margins of contemporary life and culture. Her photography is regularly featured on two blogs at the New York Times: “Notes from the Underground” and “The Lowdown.” iO created the Self Evident Truths project—an ongoing document of LGBTQ America, which she continues to work on. She had her first solo show at Fuse gallery in New York City in 2010, and exhibited her latest work at The Hole Gallery in early summer of 2012. She has published three limited edition books of photographs; Lose My Number, which is presently sold out, KISSER, and Look Ma’, No Hands. iO has directed several music videos, and worked as a professional film actor for nineteen years, in addition to founding the world’s first nationally distributed street art magazine.

13 Responses to iO Tillett Wright

  1. I want to purchase a case for a tablet, but seems as though the are only listed to fit ipads. Is there any difference between the two?

  2. carolyn m. wozencraft says:

    this was one of the most touching things i had watched. Hopefully the judgmental people of sanger tx. can watch this and see how words hurt the most, how I’m just a human and i belong with everyone else. i believe they are just afraid of what they do not know. So we need to get our words out there.! just like you, i want to help the world realize and make a change. thank you for the step you helped me with!

  3. mIKS Ginis says:

    Hey there I have been researching the same field for quite some time now and your work really was an eye opener. Would like to share my findings with you please drop me a mail

  4. Patricia McBride says:

    Yoir a true inspiration…

  5. Michelle Miles says:

    You are so wise. I am secretary of Rainbow Sister of Central Ohio. We are lesbians in/around Columbus , Ohio. Please come see us , share your message and take our pictures if you want. Thank you for being a voice of reason for all people. Michelle

  6. Rachel says:

    I hope, hope, hope, hope, hope that you see this and respond to it. I live in Orlando and want to get in contact with you with accord to this project. What you are doing is powerful and I know so many faces that deserve to be a part. Beyond that, I admire so greatly that stand you have so marvelously taken. I was raised in a brutally Christian household and came “out” as an atheist partly because of my exposure to the LGBT community. I would LOVE to correspond with you.

  7. Laura says:

    My question results from putting together 2 TED talks…yours and one by the guy who invented the annoying type-in-the-random-word(s)-on-computer- screen-to-prove-you’re-human method parlayed into helping translate books and languages. I write iPhone/iPad apps, and wonder if when app user must go back into my app that instead of showing a screen they no longer need to see before exiting the app if I could show a picture of someone from your 50 shades of gay? The user would then leave my app thoughtfully rather than meaninglessly. I make peanuts though so couldn’t afford to pay…just a thought ‘cuz i liked your message and wanted to pass it forward.

  8. Beth Boline says:

    Damn you for ( once again ) making me cry.

  9. Neil says:

    Loved the talk, I wish I had known when the project was in Oklahoma, I would have come along. However, I am now back at home in the UK.

    I just wondered if you were familiar with the works of Claude Cahun, she seems to be fairly pre-emptive of queer and feminist theorists like Judith Butler etc… be interesting to know what you think.


  10. shae d'lyn says:

    What a courageous and gloriously unique human you are iO! Thank you for liberating us all!

  11. Randi M. Romo says:

    When you coming back to Little Rock??!!

  12. Krystal Martin says:

    Kudos, sweetheart. You are a fabulous speaker. My husband heard part of your presentation and even commented on your excellent delivery. (That is a true compliment coming from him.) Keep up the good work.

    Little Rock, AR

  13. Rob Jeffrey says:

    hey io im rob and im a friend of the albrights we met one time. but i can’t get the video to play so is there another way to watch it? thank you and you are great!