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Inch Chua

Being with Inch Chua moves you into quite a different world. One that seems far richer in life’s intricacies, with blisters of puerile joy and kooky jolts of introspection. Her music—a potpourri of surprising beats and honestly crafted indie-rock melodies—will take you along a journey that is evocative and at times provocative.

3 Responses to Inch Chua

  1. Fiona Chen says:

    Hey inches,

    as you do what you do so well, remember we who love you are always ready to support you


  2. Ms. Chua,

    First of all, I really love listening to you music and I am a big fan ever since my friend from Singapore introduced your music to me.

    My questions are:
    1. Why do you do what you do?
    2. If there is one thing you want to impart with your music what would it be?

    Hope to hear from you = )