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Hyun Kyung Chung

Dr. Chung is a professor of Inter-faith Engagement at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. She is a Korean Eco-Feminist (Salimist), Christian scholar-activist, writer, and international lecturer, who has been working with different faith communities around the world. As a councilor of International Interfaith Peace Council, she traveled many conflicting areas such as Chiapa, Mexico, Cambodia, Northern Ireland, Israel, Palestine, etc., to participate in the peace-making activities. She is a co-founder of Jo Gak Bo, a dialogue and reconciliation institute between North and South Korean women. Dr. Chung is also a Buddhist Dharma teacher from a Korean Zen lineage. Her teaching and research interest includes Christian Buddhist Dialogue, Zen Meditation, Feminist Liberation Theology, Inter-Spiritual Peace-Making and Healing, Eco-Feminism and Earth Spirituality, Mysticism and Revolutionary Changes. She tries to synthesize the wisdom from people’s movements, spiritual traditions, critical academic analysis, and the world of the arts in her work.

Dr. Chung’s work has been televised in many countries. She is an author of seven books and many articles including Struggle to Be the Sun Again: Introducing Asian Women’s Theology, Letter from the Future: The Goddess-Spell According to Hyun Kyung, and Like Flowers in the Garden of Allah: A Pilgrimage.

2 Responses to Hyun Kyung Chung

  1. John Joseph Zhang says:

    Dear Dr. Chung, Peace!

    Great to watch your short video on TEDxWomen! Thank you for your inspiring talk!

    i’m studying theology in Taiwan Fujen Bellarmine theologate and writing a book report on Korean Shamanism: religion of Han. Unfortunately i have little material on this topic. If you have time and have some materials, could you please send to me? Thank you very much!

    Wish you peace and happiness,

    John Joseph Zhang (Shilun)

  2. Ann Watson says:

    Hyun Kyung,
    How wonderful to hear your voice again and to see your face. It has been many years since our 9 months together at the WTC. I still remember your sharp mind and kind spirit.
    Ann Watson