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Vlad Fiscutean

TEDxTimisoara, Organizer

TEDx Ambassador for Eastern Europe.

Vlad Fiscutean creates branding and design for all 5 measurable senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch). He’s conducting various research projects on multidisciplinary topics related to Brand Design, Sensory Branding, Neuromarketing and Corporate Images. He’s currently writing a book about the findings of his studies.

He started his career as a sound producer and host in Radio (7 years), he studied Music Theory for 8 years, worked for 2 years in TV and won the Great Prize of the National Cinema Art Festival (10th edition) and as a Brand Designer and Consultant for companies in Europe and USA.

Vlad has a BA in Graphic Design & Product Design and an MA in Graphics Design for Advertising and Books. Last year he was admitted to TIFFIN University at their Executive MBA program — the only program that obtained the first place for the five most important criteria in the Romanian top of MBA/EMBA.

“A walking dictionary of Design.”
— Diana Lup, Timisoara, Romania, AIESEC University

“Vlad is an extremely resourceful and energetic person! He aims to be at the right place in time at the right moment. He does not hesitate to ask the right questions and he is prepared to work hard to provide real solutions.”
— Rob van Kranenburg, Ghent, Belgium, Founder of Council (thinktank for the Internet of Things.)

“Vlad is inventive and reliable! He is passionate, enthusiastic and spontaneous. I was impressed of his ability of bringing people together.
— Delia Costan, Timisoara, Romania, General Directorate for Social Affairs and Child Protection