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Tibor Balazs

TEDxSomlóiStWomen, Organizer

I’m a professional and passionate driver of change. I started to “change the world” in 1988 immediately after I had graduated from the Technical University of Budapest, before the Iron Curtain fell. I tried to introduce international change management methodology to main Hungarian political and economic stakeholders, and after the statutory limits had disappeared, I became the owner of the first joint-venture in Hungary, with a European business school as shareholder. This was in 1989, and the dream to change my country’s structures seemed realistic and achievable.

But the dream remained a dream, and the joint venture went bankrupted after a year, so I established my own consultancy company in order to help small entrepreneurs to start their businesses, and to facilitate change in the typical Hungarian entrepreneur. After seven years of business I sold my company to a multinational network, and I continued to drive change.

After having worked 15 years in the consulting and business development sector, I received an offer from a big organization to become a regular employee, and I accepted – I could barely believe it myself. But my task, as the director of quality, environment and safety was to support the privatization of the only airport operator company. The tasked proved itself to be very challenging, so after it was successfully completed, I thought to challenge myself on a new level: as a public servant at a Ministry. I managed a European Union funded national research and development project in the Hungarian education sector, the “21st Century Schools” for a year.

Now I’m the managing director of SEED (Small Enterprise Economic Development) Foundation, which was established in 1990, immediately after the Iron Curtain fell, and the founders’ goal was to change the Hungarian entrepreneurial mindset and culture – so I continued right where I had started.

As a hobby, I’m a passionate winemaker, because I try to experience the miracle of birth every year with my wines, as well as being a senior marathon runner and triathlete because I believe in the power of personal performance.