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Stephen Collins

TEDxCanberraWomen , Organizer

I help organisations understand and implement better communications, change, design thinking, service design, hyperconnectedness, social innovation and collaboration.

I’m the Founder at acidlabs.

I’m an open government advocate.

I’m a TEDizen and the Creative Catalyst behind TEDxCanberra.

I write occasionally for ABC Unleashed and other outlets and do some public speaking.

I’m a husband and Dad.

I’m a rugby tragic.

I play some World of Warcraft.

I’m known to most as “trib”. Long story. Feel free to use it.


One Response to Stephen Collins

  1. Milca says:

    Hi, I’m living in Perth, WA. Are you in Camberra?
    I’m also interested in social innovation and collaboration. Working for
    A worldwide charity company. But I wanna do more.
    Do you know any TED in WA? Ta :-)