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Marieme Jamme

TEDxAccraWomen , Organizer

Mariéme Jamme is a Senegalese (West Africa) -London based Philanthropist, CEO and Social Entrepreneur, she is passionate, dedicated in helping to empower women, men and children through education, health, wealth and entrepreneurship in Africa. Marieme is currently the Group CEO of SpotOne Global Solutions a successful company that helps IT organizations set a foothold in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia and recently founded iConscience.co.uk, an organization that enables business experts and like-minded individuals to share their expertise and experience in the name of sustainability, development, ethics and morals. Marieme is also an International speaker and advocate for Education and health in the African continent. She speaks at various conferences around the world about Africa, Poverty, Women in Africa, Sustainable Development, Education and New Technologies for Africa. Marieme uses her knowledge of African Dialects and languages to help easy communication in Rural Villages of Africa.


3 Responses to Marieme Jamme

  1. Kat says:

    Go Mariemme! Rock Accra!

  2. Linda Wolf says:

    A montage of photographs of women around the world, which took me 45 years of travel called, “I am a Full Woman” will be shown at the TedXWomen 2012 on Bainbridge Island, this Saturday, the 1st of December. If you want to use it in your presentations, contact me and I’ll either Fed EX a copy to you, or you can download it from a boxnet-folder online.
    Music by Rachel Bagby
    Photography by Linda Wolf

  3. Marieme,

    Hello! I am an intern for the Thai based non-profit Urban Light and am looking for potential venues for our founder, Alezandra Russell, to speak at. Urban Light’s goals are to start a movement dedicated to restoring, rebuilding and empowering the lives of boys who are so often forgotten within the dialogue of abuse, exploitation and trafficking (specifically in the red light district of Chiang Mai). Alezandra lives in Thailand for 6 months out of the year and does work with Chiang Mai locals at the Urban Light youth center. The other 6 months out of the year is spent doing outreach and spreading awareness stateside.

    I know TedX is an incredible forum for interesting and inspriring stories and I think Alezandra’s would be perfect for an event! How does someone get invited to speak?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!