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Jodi Womack

Jodi Womack

TEDxTopaTopa, Organizer

Usually you’ll find me somewhere in the world sipping on a latte… I created No More Nylons to help business owners figure out all the “do-it-yourself” tools available to promote their own businesses. And No More Nylons sponsors the Women’s Business Socials to promote vibrant, worthwhile conversations between local women in business. My intention for the Socials is to create a free, professional network, to bring the AMAZING women together to talk, connect and promote the work they love doing. That’s what No More Nylons is all about. Doing the work you love… and being who you are.

Jodi Womack loves bringing large groups of women together. Women who mean business! Her natural leadership is evident in the way she pulled her own community together during the economic slide of 2009. Watching talented entrepreneurs struggle to stay afloat, Jodi invited women business owners to join together once a month to combine resources, share ideas and become empowered to stimulate their own economy. The result has been tremendous; jobs have been created, services exchanged and hope renewed. Jodi created No More Nylons, the company that hosts these Women’s Business Socials to bring women in business together to have vibrant and meaningful connections in person and online. She also co-founded The Womack Company, an international workplace performance training firm with her husband, Jason in 2007. Her firsthand experience in business management, marketing, and customer service shines through their training and coaching firm. Jodi delivers innovative ideas with integrity and an authentic desire to see everyone succeed. Jodi turns “best possible scenarios” into everyday success.


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  1. Diedre Schuering says:

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  2. Kat says:

    Go Jodi-rock the TEDxWomen in your community! Fill the Space between with laughter, joy, and ah – ha’s!