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Imre Vegvari

TEDxBudaörsWomen, Organizer

I have started using computers when I was 9 years old. Now I’m 37 and it feels like I only got up from behind the computer’s screen to go to the bathroom or make a coffee. At first I immensely enjoyed using the computer (mainly games, then graphical and coding environments.) Then I went crazy about connecting our computers together via the Internet. And now I am all head over heels because we – at last – connect our own selves together, using social networks. I think this is the most exciting area of all and the most exciting time of all. I’m happy to be able to watch all this. My work is connected to this. I used to do things on the computer, then on the web, now in social networks. I had built a 100-person company around it once, now I am a freelance consultant. I love to listen to people’s challenges and give them my perspective, which is usually closely connected to my field of expertise. I love to help those people, companies, causes and organizations that I believe are in need of support. That’s what I use my skills for and that’s what I do for a living, too :)