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Emily Hehir

TEDxLittleLonsdaleStWomen, Organizer

In order to address the current crisis of confidence & self-worth in young people, including increasing cases of disordered eating/exercise, we must focus on prevention.

It is my belief that the cause of many people failing to pursue or even identify their passions/callings, or to ever feel ‘good enough’ is the limitations placed on them by their own minds. That is, uncertainty, self-doubt and self-criticism cripple their potential and all these are a result of the thoughts they have – which are normalised & habitualised by narrow & singular stories of success.

If we are going to reroute the future, young people in particular must be given the opportunity, within mainstream eduction, to learn about: why & how the mass media they are constantly exposed to operates and how to become ‘resilient’ to it; to learn ‘mindfulness’ (that they need not be a passive recipient of every thought they have); that we have the power to write their own, more valid & relevant stories of success.


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  2. Rupali says:

    Emily – very powerful sharing – we’re doing great work at exactly that frontier. I invite you to visit our website and to get in touch – let’s co create! Have a wonderful evening.

    • Linda wolf says:

      I’d want to share with you the work of Teen Talking Circles. TTC have been very successful in giving teens a safe space to tell the truth about their lives for the past 20 years.The mission of Teen Talking Circles is to educate, inspire and empower young women and men, foster understanding between the genders, generations and cultures and support youth in positive self-expression and social action for a just, compassionate and sustainable world. We give teens a safe space to tell the truth. Teen Talking Circles are spaces where teens get to experience a powerful sense of belonging. They learn the best practices of the best of the social artistry movement. They practice Compassionate Listening skills which create a resonant field that allows each youth to drop into their authenticity. They learn how to sit in the fire and use Non Violent Communication skills to resolve conflicts. They practice speaking from their hearts, stepping outside the gender boxes that rob them of their full agency as whole human beings. They connect the dots between their personal issues and world issues and see how they are manipulated by a structural system that is based on a paradigm of power-over rather than power-with. For the past 20 years, I’ve been the director of TTC. The Full Woman montage I wrote about above, is part of the work that TTC supports – empowering women and girls to see that we matter; empowering teens who identify in any combination of gender definitions to see that they matter. I hope you will take a look at our website listed above: Teen Talking Circles and I’d love to connect with you to speak about how we can share Teen Talking Circles through the TEDx universe.

  3. Linda Wolf says:

    A montage of photographs of women around the world, which took me 45 years of travel called, “I am a Full Woman” will be shown at the TedXWomen 2012 on Bainbridge Island, this Saturday, the 1st of December. If you want to use it in your presentations, contact me and I’ll either Fed EX a copy to you, or you can download it from a boxnet-folder online.
    Music by Rachel Bagby
    Photography by Linda Wolf