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Christophe Cop

Christophe Cop

TEDxFlandersWomen, Organizer

Indicating my college degrees is part of indicating my interests: as a master in neuro-behavioural sciences and in statistics, I’m deeply interested in how we perceive reality, both as an individual (subjective) as from a scientific (objective or inter-subjective) point of view.

If I would worship a god, it would be Athena, the Goddess of Knowledge. I uphold truth (and the ways to obtain it) high in my banner, even if I know I might be wrong.

Finding my element, I founded of IdeasWE (Ideas Worth Executing) and TEDx Flanders. Other aspects of my life include – “I was a Belgian boy scout & leader” – “I love Japan, anime, culture, language, music, food”…. Oh, I’m a dreamer and a skeptic, a rational optimist and a child of rennaissance * surrealism. If that doesn’t make sense to you… we should have a conversation! Nice to meet you!


2 Responses to Christophe Cop

  1. Kat says:

    May Athena bless your attendees @ TEDxFlandersWomen!

  2. Linda Wolf says:

    A montage of photographs of women around the world, which took me through 45 years of travel called, “I am a Full Woman” will be shown at the TedXWomen on Bainbridge Island, this Saturday, the 1st of December. If you want to use it in your presentations, contact me and I’ll either Fed EX a copy to you, or you can download it from a box online.
    Music by Rachel Bagby
    Photography by Linda Wolf