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Meet Our TEDx Organizers 2011

TEDxWomen will live stream from the Paley Centers in New York and Los Angeles to the global TEDx community. Organizers of TEDxWomen events will watch the livestream of TEDxWomen, and have the opportunity to host local speakers on women's issues. You can start a conversation with these amazing people from around the world by clicking on their name.


Cynthia Adkins

TEDxSouthLakeUnionWomen, Organizer

Cindy is organizing TEDxSouthLakeUnionWomen and is thrilled to bring the passion, spirit and energy that is TEDxWomen to the Seattle metro area. Cindy is an entrepreneurial biotech business lawyer, chair of the Seattle Metro chapter of Women In Bio, and … Continue reading


Henrik Ahlen

TEDxWaterfrontWomen, Organizer

I started dreaming about attending a TED conference in the early 90s when I read about it in the WIRED magazine. Since 2006 I am enjoying the TED Talks online. I am co-founder of TEDxStockholm, we were one of the … Continue reading


Carl Bärstad

TEDxVasastanWomen, Organizer

I work with communicating to the public how new science and technology can be used to solve humanities great challenges. I’m a TEDxOrganizer, founder of the research-media-platform sparklingscience.com and author of the master thesis “Communicating Science – Motives and methods … Continue reading


Vincent Beerman

TEDxParkCity, Co-Organizer

As Developer Evangelist for Kynetx, I help communities of web, mobile and game developers create context-aware, cross-site apps that stretch across platforms. I grew up in Western Colorado and attended CU Engineering school then worked for Rockwell Automation until 2004. … Continue reading


Jamie Berg

TEDxBerkshires, Organizer

Jamie graduated Tufts University in 1996 and followed her passion for fitness and her interest in motivation in a career of Personal Fitness Training in the Cambridge, MA area. She married Ethan Berg in 1998. They traveled for the year … Continue reading


Tila Cappelletto

TEDxUIMPWomen , Organizer

  We are all passengers. And we are also a remix. I was born in Brazil but even before that I was already Italian (great-grandparents), Spanish (grandmother), Portuguese (our colonizers) and African (our deepest roots). I’ve been living in different … Continue reading


Daniel Cerventus

TEDxKLWomen, Organizer

Daniel CerVentus is a web producer that engages in all things web. He is currently involved in the online magazine Entrepreneurs.my and This Week in Asia, a weekly podcast of technology news in Asia.


Burt Chojnowski

TEDxFairfieldWomen, Organizer

Burt Chojnowski is a rural renaissance man. He is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He is an award winning filmmaker and serial entrepreneur for forty years. His documentary Kora, about the most sacred mountain the Himalayas, won awards for Best Documentary and … Continue reading


Christophe Cop

TEDxFlandersWomen, Organizer

Indicating my college degrees is part of indicating my interests: as a master in neuro-behavioural sciences and in statistics, I’m deeply interested in how we perceive reality, both as an individual (subjective) as from a scientific (objective or inter-subjective) point … Continue reading


Rana Dajani

TEDxHashemiteUniversityWomen, Organizer

Assistant professor in molecular biology at the Hashemite University (Fulbright alumni). Main research field in genome wide association studies concerning diabetes and cancer in ethnic populations in Jordan. Other research includes signaling transduction, stem cells and bioinformatics. Director for TEMPUS … Continue reading


Susan du Toit

TEDxWarwick, Organizer

I am a final year English Literature and French student at the University of Warwick, UK and coordinator of TEDxWarwick 2012.


Diana Enriquez

TEDxYaleWomen, Organizer

I’m fascinated by illicit markets: both in terms of products and labors. There are so many things in our lives that we cannot control, and yet we develop rules, and societal understandings to create some sort of atmosphere of control. … Continue reading


Mojdeh Eskandari

TEDxOrangeCoastWomen, Organizer

Mojdeh Eskandari is a senior leader and mentor with 25 years results-oriented experience in international sales and marketing management in various highly competitive industries including High Tech, Services, and Retail. She has held several executive positions in sales, marketing, and … Continue reading


Javier Fadul

TEDxHoustonWomen, Organizer

Originally from Colombia, moved to Texas at age 12. Studied Philosophy and Psychology, while exploring creativity and perception. Taoism is my metaphysics, and the future of technology is my motivator. We create in order to better understand the universe and … Continue reading


Michelle Fetsch

TEDxFiDiWomen, Organizer

I believe women are enough and am walking across America to interview courageous women who are leaders in their communities, who are overcoming obstacles, and collaborating to create massive change. The literal definition of women is: plural of woman and … Continue reading


Vlad Fiscutean

TEDxTimisoaraWomen, Organizer

Vlad has a multidisciplinary experience in Design, Sensory Branding, Sound Production, Music, Marketing, Neuromarketing, Psychology, PR, Advertising and Media. He’s conducting various research projects on multidisciplinary topics related to Brand Design, Sensory Branding, Neuromarketing and Corporate Images. He’s currently writing … Continue reading


Miles Grimshaw

TEDxYaleWomen, Organizer

Miles has attended: TEDxBeijing 2010, TEDxBoston 2011, and TEDxGotham 2011. He is originally from London, but now lives outside of Boston. He is a Global Affairs major at Yale University interested in development, which has led him to study abroad … Continue reading


Angela Gunder

TEDxBarrettHonorsCollege, Organizer

It all started with finger paints. I wonder if for anyone else it did not start with finger paints – or at least somewhere down the line? I remember getting so frustrated because there was no good way to mix … Continue reading


Kat Haber

TEDxHomerWomen, Organizer

My grandfathers taught me to respect the Earth. I have created award winning gardens, innovative programs (Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail and the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies in Homer, AK), taken risks (freestyle aerialist and Air Castles hot … Continue reading


Rhonah Harvey

TEDxTacomaWomen, Organizer

D2eConsulting: Founder, Executive & Business Administration, Consultant, Marketing, Sales. Investment/F-R. Entrepreneur, Business owner. Change Agent. Connector. Amitgoswami.org: Executive Assist. PR. Agent and keynote negotiator. Event organizer. Social media, press and marketing IntentionMediainc.com: Executive Assistant to director-National Education Outreach for all … Continue reading


Martin Hassel

TEDxTrondheim, Organizer

I’m passionate about the promotion of knowledge, human compassion, education, minimizing the gap between what science knows and what business and society does, making the world a better place for my children.  


Rachel Hatch

TEDxReddingWomen, Organizer

In my (almost!) 30 years, I have enjoyed studying and working in Thailand, Ireland, Poland, and the US. Today, I am energized and challenged by my work as a Research Manager at Institute for the Future. My current forecasting efforts … Continue reading


Amy Hecht

TEDxAuburnUniversityWomen, Organizer

Amy Hecht serves as the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. In this role, Amy oversees Student Involvement, Greek Life, Student Conduct, Residence Life, Division Initiatives, Student Media, and Assessment and Evaluation. A professional in the field of student affairs … Continue reading


Emily Hehir

TEDxParkvilleWomen, Organizer

In order to address the current crisis of confidence & self-worth in young people, including increasing cases of disordered eating/exercise, we must focus on prevention. It is my belief that the cause of many people failing to pursue or even … Continue reading


Renae Hesselink

TEDxMuskegonWomen, Organizer

Renae is a founding member of the U.S. Green Building Council West Michigan chapter, and currently Chair of the Board of Directors. She has been with Nichols (a distributor of custodial and packaging supplies) for 17 years in various positions … Continue reading


Diego Kancepolski

TEDxRiodelaPlataWomen, Organizer

Founder Inconciente.com Co-Founder Bumeran.com TEDx Organizer. Education, Internet, Media and HR. Cornell. Golf & Yoga.


Jihye Kang

TEDxEwhaWomen, Organizer

A student of Ewha Womans University in Korea studying Media Studies and Journalism. A person who prays for the world peace. A person who really likes to meet people and share ideas worth spreading! While communicating with many people, I … Continue reading


Edward (Ted) Kenny

NASAJSCWomen, Co-Organizer

Grew up in Texas in a family engaged in small business – real estate, A/C, etc. At an early age became fascinated w/space travel. Entered college as a business major but left college as an engineer – and running a … Continue reading


Elina Kivinuk

TEDxTallinnWomen, Organizer

I’ve helped organize three TEDx-events and all of them have turned out to be very inspiring gatherings. My dream would be to organise TEDGlobal in Estonia as I’m sure that Estonians are by nature excellent organisers


Cyriel Kortleven

TEDxFlanders, Co-Organizer

Cyriel Kortleven is a crewmember and co-founder of new shoes today – a growing number of soulmates in business who give support to people and organisations on their road to creation, innovation and change. Cyriel makes people more conscious of … Continue reading


Martin Larre

TEDxMontevideoWomen, Organizer

Founder and CEO of Kidbox, Internet for Kids based in Uruguay and a specialist in marketing and educational product development for children, I have worked as a consultant for newspapers and major publishers in Latin America and has worked for … Continue reading


Carlos Miranda Levy

TEDxPortauPrince, Organizer

Social Entrepreneur in Residence at the National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Centre (2010-2011), Digital Vision Fellow at Stanford University 2004-2005, Google Developing World Scholarship recipient 2004, acknowledged by CNN as one of Latin America’s top 20 most influential people on … Continue reading


Dave Lim TM

TEDxSingapore, Organizer

My passion is “Growing ideas to reality” Life experiences so far: New endeavor builder, founding curator TEDxSingapore, founder IdeasWorthDoing, Innovation builder, co-founder Fellowship of Inventors.org, venture capitalist in The Pacific Rim, Silicon Valley startup team, social scientist, strategist, digital marketer, … Continue reading


Jesse Locks

TEDxGrassValley, Organizer

I began my career in publishing; writing and editing stories mostly for music and action sports publications. My interests have evolved into multi-media including digital storytelling and filmmaking. I am a TEDxOrganizer, Festival Director of The Nevada City Film Festival, … Continue reading


Mike Lundgren

TEDxKC , Organizer

Mike is the curator of TEDxKC. He joined VML’s Applied Technology Group in May 2005 as Director of Creative Technology. With 25 years of high tech experience and executive-level management, marketing and product development experience, Mike serves clients as diverse … Continue reading


Caroline MacDonald

TEDxMIAWomen, Organizer

Caroline MacDonald was born in the UK, and, since travelling to India at the age of four, has become a global traveller and communicator dedicated to language, communication, innovation, discovery and excitement. In the words of a fellow Scot, Robert … Continue reading


Karlo Matic

TEDxMaksimirWomen, Organizer

For many years I’ve been working as event specialist in different areas – planning, production, management, scenarist, director … Also, for many years I’ve been active in the NGO sector as founder or leader in different kind of NGOs. I’m … Continue reading


Ezra Masri

TEDxTijuanaWomen, Organizer

Ezra Masri believes that this is the century of Latin America and the way it is built can be the greatest factor in the type of lifestyle and lessons experienced in this growing region. Ezra has dedicated part of his … Continue reading


Dafna Michaelson

TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen, Organizer

Dafna Michaelson is the founder, president and JourneyWoman for the 50 in 52 Journey, a project for which she traveled across America to all 50 states and Washington DC spanning the 52 weeks of 2009 to find America’s problem solvers … Continue reading


Ruth Milligan

TEDxColumbusWomen, Organizer

A midwest born, raised and centered communicator with a background in politics, fund raising and media relations, seeking a new challenge to solve every day. I started planning my first TEDx event the day after they posted the initial TEDx … Continue reading


Karina Miotto

TEDxDaLuz, Organizer

Karina is an environmental journalist from Brazil, lives in Belém, in the state of Pará (that is in the Amazon). She works for national and international NGOs focused on the Amazon Rainforest and its people. Karina is the editor of … Continue reading


Anthony Pak

TEDxTrondheim, Organizer

I’ve been watching TED talks since 2007 and I’ve probably watched over 700 by now. Last year, I started organizing weekly discussions with students in my Industrial Ecology Masters program at NTNU, based on TED videos. This year, I got … Continue reading


Andrea Pauri

TEDxBolognaWomen, Organizer

I graduated with a degree in Political Science in 2000. I am currently a quarryman of white truffle and have been managing the site http://www.redditodicittadinanza.com from 2009 as a result of discoveries and theories of Prof. Giacinto Auriti. I play … Continue reading


Lewis Perkins

TEDxAtlanta, Organizer

Lewis Perkins is a champion for women and the environment in both his personal and professional life. As an “expert” blogger on sustainability for Fast Company Magazine and through his role as environmental advocate for Mohawk Industries, Perkins continues to … Continue reading


Jeff Perera

TEDxRyersonUWomen, Organizer

Jeff is a facilitator for the White Ribbon Campaign, the world’s largest effort to engage men in ending violence against women, and founded a chapter at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada working to further a gender-inclusive environment. Jeff’s awareness-raising initiatives … Continue reading


Gina Rudan

TEDxMIAWomen, Organizer

Gina is the founder and President of Genuine Insights Inc., a contemporary professional development training practice whose mission is to leverage the genius within every individual and organization. Gina spoke on the subject of genius at the 2010 TED Global … Continue reading


Parvinder Sachdeva

TEDxRyersonUWomen, Organizer

I have always been a fan of TED and their goal of spreading ideas. And as the host of TEDxRyersonU 2010, I am happy for the opportunity to host a similar event.


Jackie Savi-Cannon

TEDxSouthWalkervilleWomen, Organizer

I’m a little Seth Godin +Tim Ferris meets Deepak with a splash of Jon Stewart-but a girl. My studies includes a Bachelor of Communication Studies/Visual Arts & a Bachelor of Education. My 18 year fitness career evolved as a group … Continue reading


Marian Spier

TEDxAmsterdamWomen, Organizer

I am currently co-organising TEDxAmsterdam 2011 www.tedxamsterdam.com and www.tedxamsterdamwomen.nl. I am also a manager at the Institute of Interactive Media in Amsterdam, lecturer in cross media and responsible for developing international programs and partnerships with universities and companies abroad. My … Continue reading


Darina Stoyanova

TEDxOjaiWomen, Organizer

Instead of a bio or resume, here’s a multi-faceted alternative… My name is Darina (dar= ‘gift’). My blood is O Rh (-). My gender is feminine. My Sun sign is Cancer. My age is 38 earth years young. My origins … Continue reading


Abhishek Suryawanshi

TEDxPuneWomen, Organizer

Abhishek Suryawanshi loves to do things differently. He did research on “Suction Method of irrigation” for farmers. He presented his work and research at National Children Science Congress (2004) held at Guwahati in presence of then President Hon.Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. … Continue reading


Giorgio Ungania

TEDxBuslimWomen, Organizer

I was born in 1968 in Rome and I started with the music biz where I have been working as a sound engineer / producer for various recording studios. Later I joined the broadcasting industry as audio post manager for … Continue reading


Muhammad Uzair

TEDxPeshawarWomen, Organizer

I am a Mass Communications and Business graduate from the University of Northumbria. I have also been working as a web/graphic designer and a social media marketer for a little while. My passion for photography, advertising and the online world … Continue reading


Bronwyn Varty

TEDxKrugerPark, Organizer

“Restoration! With Londolozi Game Reserve, we’ve proven we can take bankrupt land and restore it to its natural state–and that in so doing, it can lift local people out of poverty and engage everyone more fully in a sense of … Continue reading


Bernelle Verster

TEDxCapetownWomen, Co-Organizer

I believe an integrated approach to education, waste management and profitability is achievable. My company, Merah Mas Industrial Biotech, aims to combine adventure sport and tourism to educate both tourists and the local public about science, while making it fun. … Continue reading


Ahmet Yükseltürk

TEDxBilkentUniversity, Organizer

I am a graduate student at Bilkent University. My research area is robust and reliable synthesis of nanomaterials using operations research. For more information, click here.


Patricia Zougheib

TEDxSKEWomen, Organizer

Studied Advertising & Sales. Working now in a TV station on TV viewership research.