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About TEDxWomen 2011


Last December, the first-ever TEDWomen conference (hosted by Pat Mitchell) took a curated look at women through the lens of change agent, intellectual innovator, and idea champion; from twenty-six countries we gathered more than seventy speakers—Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Somali mother-daughter doctors Hawa Abdi and Deqo Mohamed, Nobel Peace laureate Jody Williams, Egyptian-American blogger Mona Eltahawy, media mogul Ted Turner, and young roboticist Cynthia Breazeal, to name a few. On those days, more than 100+ self-organized TEDx events connected to the TEDWomen conference, enabling the live participation of over 10,000 people on every continent and in every time zone.

The conversation continues on On December 1, when TEDxWomen will reunite these vibrant communities to hear leading-edge innovators and powerful ideas from women and girls—and a few men too. Organizers of TEDxWomen events will watch the livestream of the Paley Center mainstage events, and have the opportunity to host their own local speakers on women’s issues.

The TEDxWomen stages in New York and Los Angeles will be connected and the speaker sessions simulcast to both locations so that attendees can experience an extraordinary program of speakers from both coasts. And of course, the dialogue will continue long after the conclusion of the conference, as the talks get released to the world online.

TEDxWomen will stream live from our stages to a global network of TEDxWomen events happening around the globe.

The audience in New York and Los Angeles is invitation-only, but you can organize your own TEDxWomen event or attend one in your area.

6 Responses to About TEDxWomen 2011

  1. amanda van bergen says:

    Why is there a seperate ted woman? We should own, and dominate the normal TED lectures.

  2. KARMA MRA MGTOW says:

    TV and radio will go the way of the dodo. YAY!

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  4. Marian Spier says:

    Thank you for the great opportunity to organize such an amazing event. Do you know when the next conference will be? Looking forward to your answer.


    Marian Spier

  5. lisa says:

    Can you please tell me when the next conference will be. Any ideas on topics yet. Would love to play a role in organizing if it makes sense.
    Congratulations on great conference.

    All the best,
    Lisa Joss

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