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Are you the Next MAKER?

Now this is exciting. We wrote about MAKERS a while back, the joint video initiative between AOL and PBS that features an incredible lineup of women achieving great things — large and small — who help shape America. We’re big fans of this visually stunning (not to mention inspirational) project, which is why we’re thrilled to see that they’ve kicked off a fantastic new contest to bring in the Next MAKERS. Via their blog:

For the next six weeks, individuals can nominate themselves or women in their own lives who have made a remarkable impact to their local communities, are viewed as role models and inspire people around them to take action.

Six remarkable women from across the country will ultimately be selected to tell their stories in videos that will appear on MAKERS.com and receive a $10,000 grant so they can continue to do great work in their communities. The winning Next MAKERS will fly to New York City to attend an intimate dinner hosted by MAKERS and Simple and film their stories with the award-winning MAKERS filmmaking team.

Not only have many of our TEDxWomen speakers been on MAKERS, but we have no doubt that many more within the online TEDxWomen community are contributing to their local communities in meaningful ways. So nominate yourself, or a trailblazing friend or colleague you know who should be honored and supported for their work, and give them a shot at this incredible opportunity.

2 Responses to Are you the Next MAKER?

  1. Pauline Matt says:

    I am currently working to save the waters from Fracking on my Native homeland the Blackfeet Nation. On August 5 – 12 I created a 80 mile walk from one of our Sacred Mountains “Chief Mountain” to another Sacred Mountain “Heart Butte Mountain. As we walked we offered Prayers, Sacred songs, and Sacred Tobacco to each Mountain fed water way we came to. The walk was to pay tribute to the pure Mountain fed waters that flow through out our homeland as well as to bring attention to the deadly dangers of Fracking and how it will destroy our waters and land. We the Blackfeet people have lived on this land for many thousands of years. We were extreamly blessed to live in a pure free environment with many rivers, lakes, wetlands and creeks. I will continue my drive to protect our waters. My story has been shared throughout the Nation from the front page of the NY Times to the front page of the Seattle post. Please feel free to check out my site on facebook. “Blackfeet Women Against Fracking”.
    Thank You
    Pauline Matt