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Watch TEDxWomen with your community

At Thursday’s TEDxWomen, a wide range of amazing women, and a few good men, will speak onstage in New York and Los Angeles. And you can take part wherever you are—by joining in a range of amazing events and happenings.

Attend a TEDxWomen watch party. All over the world, amazing TEDx organizers have been planning events around the livestream—and they are just waiting for smart, engaged people like you to join in the conversation. While the main focus of TEDxEwhaWomen, in Seoul, South Korea, will be watching the TEDxWomen livestream, the event will also highlight local voices. The program will also be made available in Korean. In Amsterdam, TEDxAmsterdamWomen will convene at the Van Gogh Museum (pictured right). The diverse program of speakers include Kelly Cutrone, founder of PR firm People’s Revolution, and terrorism expert Jessica Stern. At TEDxDupontCircle in Washington, D.C., live performances will introduce and punctuate speakers from the TEDxWomen livestream.

You can watch the TEDxWomen livestream.

And follow our Twitter feed, #TEDxWomen, where bloggers, activists, media personalities, and others will be adding their voices to the chorus.

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    Starting at 11am ET.

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    At what time could we watch the livestream ??