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Emotional intelligence in action

There is a lot of buzz these days about the importance of empowering girls to speak out, dig in, and lead. As we announced earlier this month, we are making girls a central part of the TEDxWomen experience this year because we believe that their voices are vital to our understanding of the state of the world right now. But it’s not just the external world that girls’ can shed light on, it’s also their internal worlds that have something to teach us.

Perhaps no one understands that better than bestselling author and girl advocate, Rachel Simmons, who was one of the pioneers in naming and intervening in girl bullying with her first book Odd Girl Out (recently re-released with new analysis for a new time) and more recently, urged girls and women alike to break free from the Curse of the Good Girl. As if that wasn’t enough of a contribution, Rachel also co-founded The Girls Leadership Institute in order to be part of the solution she advocates for in her groundbreaking books.

Rachel has three core beliefs: 1) a connected girl is a happy girl, 2) relationships are one of girls’ most important classrooms, and 3) true change begins with us: the adults invested in girls’ success.

TEDxWomen will benefit from Rachel’s wisdom, but in true walk-her-talk style, Rachel won’t take the stage alone. She’ll be bringing a very special guest–a young woman who had to make a brave decision about her own social circle in order to be truly comfortable in her own skin. This is emotional intelligence in action.

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