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Voices of the Ages

Pat Mitchell, cofounder of TEDWomen, wrote about our commitment to girls’ voices earlier in the week, but lest you think we’ve forgotten the value of hard-earned wisdom, think again. None other than Jane Fonda, author of the recently released Prime Time: Love, Health, Sex, Fitness, Friendship, Spirit—Making the Most of All of Your Life, will be joining us and generously offering her insights on what is perhaps best described as exuberant, authentic aging. Jane, a prodigious blogger and tweeter these days, is constantly reinventing herself, rejuvenating her relationships, and living out loud. She is often quoted as saying, “Women aren’t forgiven for aging.” The thing is, Jane and so many women like her aren’t apologizing anymore.

Listening to voices of wisdom is nothing new among the TEDWomen network. Just take a look at this incredible interview from our TEDxWomen Singapore group with 113-year-old activist Teresa Hsu:

We are so excited about the young, old, and “in between” perspectives that will intermix at TEDxWomen this December. Where do you fall?

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